Combi Boilers also consider as “combination boilers”. It is used for dual heating purpose such as for heating water and centralized heating. We are one of the leading Combi boiler installers, offering highly convenient and efficient services for installation and maintenance. Installation of this system eliminates the need to install a storage tank that in turn save your space and hassle at a greater extend.


Installation – The system comes with limited components, so installation is easy and convenient for professionals also. Moreover, it takes minimal space, as it does not have any storage tank and pipeline system.

Highly efficient – Our Combi boiler installers offer highly advanced installation of Combi boilers, when you compare it with traditional boilers. Here, temperature is maintained at a constant level, so you don’t have to monitor the temperate consistently.

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Good pressure – Combi boiler installers take proper attention towards water tap pressure, so that you can have warm baths at any time you want. In you multiple rooms, you will have same pressure of water, even in showers also.

Maintenance Costs – Combi boiler installers offer prompt and quick maintenance services at minimal cost. We also offer FREE maintenance services during warranty period. Professionals thoroughly checks out each and every components of boiler to ensure FULL efficiency.

Eliminating water bills – Installation of Combi boiler helps you to eliminate unnecessary water bills. Simultaneously, water wastage is also reduced at a greater extend.

Biggest advantage of using Combi Boiler is that it takes very less space, while efficiency is not less at all. It saves user from all the hassle that is associated with installation of water tank and hot water Cylinder. Moreover, if you are living in an apartment flat or tenant house, installation of Combi boiler would be great choice for you.